September 15, 2021 3 min read

Are you considering adding CBD oil to your daily wellness routine? Millions of people worldwide can't be wrong. Hemp extracts are an excellent supplement to combine with other healthy habits to encourage positive thinking through fewer anxious thoughts and improvements in sleep quality. However, deciding on the right product for you can be challenging. Here are some tips about the best ways to use CBD oil. 


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Choosing Between Tinctures, Edibles, and Capsules

The three primary ways to use CBD involve tinctures and consumables, such as gummies and capsules. 

Tinctures or Oils

The oldest method most common for using plant extracts is the tincture. This is an oil-based extract that goes under the tongue and absorbs into the bloodstream. Also known as the sublingual method, it bypasses the digestive system and provides a faster result than edibles and capsules.

Tinctures work in about 20 to 30 minutes and last about four to six hours. These are popular and highly effective. You can also swallow the oil. An easy way to use oil orally is by adding a few drops to your morning tea or another favourite drink. However, it will take 30 to 90 minutes to go through the digestive process. 

Edibles and Capsules

Edibles are a fun and delicious way to take CBD. These are gummies, honey sticks, cookies, brownies, drinks, and other foods you can eat. As mentioned before, the digestive process increases the time it takes for CBD to work. Everyone is different. Most people experience results in about an hour. However, it can be a little faster or slower, depending on your body.

Capsules have the same onset and duration as edibles but come in a more traditional delivery system.

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The Difference Between Full-Spectrum and Broad-Spectrum Products

You have a choice of two primary CBD formulas—full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. 

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

The full-spectrum or whole plant extract contains all 500 compounds in the hemp plant. This includes over 100 phytocannabinoids, similar to CBD, between 100 and 200 terpenes, and 

around two dozen flavonoids. The blend does contain a small amount of THC. Under EU and UK law, hemp can have up to 0.2% THC. Don't worry! The small amount is safe, non-psychoactive, and won't produce a high. In addition to being safe, research shows it can be more effective than products without the compound. Complete the entourage effect with a full-spectrum oil and have an excellent overall experience.

Broad-Spectrum Tinctures

The broad-spectrum formula removes the THC but keeps the rest of the compounds. This blend is popular for athletes and other consumers that undergo drug testing. There's a slight chance a full-spectrum formulation can cause a positive drug screening.

You have several options for using CBD products. Finding the best way to use CBD oil from tinctures, edibles, and capsules to different formulations is challenging. We hope this clears up any confusion and helps you on your wellness journey. A full-spectrum product containing 0.2% THC is safe, effective, and the ideal supplement for a fit lifestyle. For the best results with whole-plant CBD formulas, start slow and increase your dose until you find the amount that meets your needs. 

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